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Ospital Ng Maynila

Our Organizational Structure

Our Facilities
Our Mission/Purpose and Objectives
Our History
Our Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

A.Administration. A governing body the Board of
Trustees, formulates all the general policies
regarding the operation of the hospital, and
recommended, for the Mayor’s consideration, the
appointment of hospital staff and personnel, as well
as assist in securing additional financial support for
the hospital.
The members, who are appointees of the mayor, serve on
a voluntary basis and not entitled to any
B. The hospital administrator. The actual authority
for the administration of the hospital is vested in
its chief executive officer, the hospital
administrator, who is in direct charge of its
management and responsible for the smooth functioning
of hospital activities. The administrator is guided by
policies determined by the Board and shall coordinate
effectively medical, nursing, and administrative
services, in order to attain the objectives or goals
of the hospitals.
C. Departmental organization. The various departments,
including both in-patient and out-patient services,
are grouped under 3 major services: 1) medical
services; 2) nursing services; and 3) administrative
Medical services consist of ten clinical departments,
namely: surgery; medicine; pediatrics; obstetrics and
gynecology; eye; ear; nose and throat; out-patient;
emergency; anesthesiology; pathology; and radiology.
Nursing services is responsible for: the provision of
an organized program of nursing care to patients; the
provision of education and training to its staff; the
establishment of a positive program of selection and
recruitment of nursing personnel; programming nursing
budgetary needs; conducting of periodic
standardization program in nursing; and conducting
nursing research and studies.
Other departments are administrative, engineering, and
dietary services. A hospital volunteer service will
shortly be organized which shall render volunteer
services to assist the hospital in project like
promotion of community interest, fund-raising, and
other equally important undertakings.