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Ospital Ng Maynila

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            The enactment in June 22, 1957, or Republic Act 1939, otherwise known as the Hospital Financing Act, spurred the City of Manila to establish its own hospital.


            The law required Manila to contribute 1% of its annual income for the operation and maintenance of national hospitals in the city.


            Events leading to the establishment of the city hospital followed rapidly:


1.      December 30, 1959- Then Councilor Eriberto A. Remigio sponsors, and the municipal board enacts, Ordinance No. 4201 appropriating the amount of P1 million for the construction of the city hospital.


2.      January 1, 1960- In his inaugural address before the municipal board, the late Mayor Arsenio H. Lacson endorsed the hospital project which he said would cost P6 million.


3.      October 11, 1960- Mayor Lacson issues Executive Order No. 39 creating a city general hospital advisory committee.


4.      May 23, 1961- The municipal board, presided over by then Vice Mayor Antonio J. Villegas, passes Ordinance No. 4363 appropriating in additional amount of P1.5 million, as requested by Mayor Lacson.


5.      April 11, 1962- Then President Diosdado P. Macapagal issues Presidential Proclamation No. 31 turning over to the City of Manila for hospital purposes the national government property at the corner of Harrison and Roxas Boulevard.


6.      April 15, 1962- Immediately upon assumption to office, Mayor Villegas pushes through the construction of the city hospital in the consonance with his program of “Libre’ng Pilipino” which hold, among other tings, that the right to medical care is part of the larger and more basic right of the individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


7.      September 11, 1962- The cornerstone of the city hospital is laid under the auspices of Mayor Antonio J. Villegas.


8.      October 20, 1962- At the instance of Mayor Villegas, the municipal board passes Ordinance No. 4636 naming the proposed city general hospital as the “Arsenio H. Lacson Memorial Hospital”.


9.      December 18, 1963- Actual construction work on the hospital building begins.


December 5, 1968- Upon the insistent representations of Mayor Lacson’s widow, the municipal board passes Ordinanace No. 6807 renaming the hospital as the “OSPITAL NG MAYNILA”.

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