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Ospital Ng Maynila

Our Mission/Purpose and Objectives

Our Facilities
Our Mission/Purpose and Objectives
Our History
Our Organizational Structure



     The hospital will function as an acute, non-profit, general hospital whose primary concern is to provide free in-patient and out-patient medical care to all Manila residents, regardless of social status, race or creed.




1.      Patient care: to provide city residents quality medical care at the lowest possible cost to the city of Manila.

2.      Education & training: to provide a program of graduate and undergraduate training in medical, nursing and paramedical disciplines.

3.      Public health: to serve as the medical center of an integrated community health program and,

4.      Research: to provide and maintain an atmosphere of scientific excellence in order to stimulate and promote research activities.


As hospital operated and maintained through taxes paid by Manila residents, Ospital ng

Maynila will have for its primary concern the admission and treatment of patients who are bona-fide residents of the city.

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